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  • A Collaborative, Value-Based Path to Improved Performance: WEF WISE (Water Intrapreneurship for Strategic Enterprises) helps improve utility capabilities and performance through the collaborative development of methods for business process improvement and change management, including a standard modeling framework and model repository. WEF WISE enables utilities to achieve performance goals with repeatable, common-sense techniques tailored to the water sector.

    How does WEF WISE work? Utilities engaged in WEF WISE:
    -Document their processes and share at their discretion with other WISE utilities. Project documentation is uploaded to a knowledge base accessible through the secure subscriber portal.
    -Exchange information about their processes, metrics, and improvements
    -Collaborate on developing recommended processes and practices for business areas of the greatest priority/interest

    If your utility would like to join WEF WISE, please fill out the application form below. For more information, please visit **insert weblink**

    Annual Utility Subscriptions fees (based on Utility's Personnel Size):
    -Less than 75 employees is $5,000 per year
    -75 to 150 employees is $10,000 per year
    -More than 150 employees is $25,000 per year
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