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  • A Collaborative, Value-Based Path to Improved Performance: WEF WISE (Water Intrapreneurship for Strategic Enterprises) helps improve utility capabilities and performance through the collaborative development of methods for business process improvement and change management, including a standard modeling framework and model repository. WEF WISE enables utilities to achieve performance goals with repeatable, common-sense techniques tailored to the water sector.

    How does WEF WISE work? Utilities engaged in WEF WISE:
    -Document their processes and share at their discretion with other WISE utilities. Project documentation is uploaded to a knowledge base accessible through the secure subscriber portal.
    -Exchange information about their processes, metrics, and improvements
    -Collaborate on developing recommended processes and practices for business areas of the greatest priority/interest

    If your utility would like to join WEF WISE, please fill out the application form below. For more information, please visit

    Annual Utility Subscriptions fees (based on Utility's Personnel Size):
    -Less than 75 employees is $5,000 per year
    -75 to 150 employees is $10,000 per year
    -More than 150 employees is $20,000 per year
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